$5 Million Navy Vet Lawsuit Over Giant Seed Pod

A San Francisco Navy veteran is suing the city after a giant pine cone crushed his skull in a wildlife park near his home in the coastal town during an airshow in October of 2014. The lawsuit, filed in early September of 2015, maintains the traumatic brain injury has severely limited the man’s cognitive abilities and fosters conditions of PTSD, which prevent him from leaving his house ever again.

A Rare Australian Species

Sean Mace is suing the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, the U.S. Government’s The Department of the interior, and the National Park Service due to the injuries caused by a non-native species. The species in question is the Australian Araucaria Bidwilli Pinecone, which Mace decided to relax under during the Blue Angels air show in 2014. The Bidwilli pine cone can grow up to 16 inches in diameter can weigh a staggering 40 pounds. It is also known as the False Monkey Puzzle and the Bunya Pine and only native to Australia.
Since the incident, the park service has installed fencing around the trees and installed large orange signs warning park visitors of the dangers in the area. There needs to be warnings like these, since the park also hosts tourists and school children on a regular basis. Thankfully, there have been no other cases reported with these same circumstances and injuries in the United States. Irreversible Damage and Lifelong Care report.
The 16-pound pine cone crushed Mace’s skull, severely limiting his mental abilities, resulting in at least three brain surgeries and a lifetime of dependence on caregivers. Mace is only in his mid-50s and had a full life ahead of him. While he was rushed to the nearby hospital where immediate surgery relieved the internal bleeding on his brain, he has since had a second surgery with a third one lined up to reverse some damage.

No Warnings

No Warnings given

The $5 million suits have a solid footing, not only due to the life-limiting brain injury, but also due to lack of warning signs about the risks involved with the flora of the park. Also, Mace will likely never leave his house again without extensive and expensive therapy, both physical and psychological. His life will necessitate full-time care and personal attendants as well as ongoing medical help.

Additional relief is sought for the impact this will have on the productivity of his future and ability to give back to the community or lead a meaningful life.
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Lawsuit Against Bill Cosby in the Playboy Mansion

A judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed against Bill Cosby by a woman who accuses him of molesting her during the 1970’s at the Playboy Mansion when she was aged just fifteen. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Craig Karlan ruled at the beginning of October 2015 in spite of objections by Cosby’s attorneys, the lawsuit filed against the comedian by Judy Huth should be allowed to proceed.

Broken Rules

Lawyers for the 78-year old comedian sought to have the lawsuit dismissed thanks to mistakes made by Huth’s previous attorney, who failed to follow rules for how older sex abuse cases should be handled. Martin Singer, Cosby’s attorney, sought to have the case dismissed due to the fact that Huth’s previous attorney named Cosby in the lawsuit, despite the fact that he should not have been identified. Huth first sued Cosby back in December 2014, alleging that he forced her to perform a sex act in around 1974, when she was underage.

Cosby Sex Abuse Allegations

Huth’s allegations are not the first brought against Cosby, with model Chloe Goins suing him for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. Goins’ lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, requests punitive damages for a range of issues which the model has experienced since the alleged abuse took place, including loss of self-esteem and dignity and mental anguish. The lawsuit states that Cosby allegedly touched an intimate part of Chloe Goins’ body whilst she was seriously disabled and/or unconscious.

According to Goins’ lawsuit, she met Cosby at the Playboy Mansion, where he gave her a drink which made her feel dizzy and sick. Cosby then offered to take her to a room to rest, where she blacked out. Upon awakening, the lawsuit states that Goins was naked, her breasts felt wet and sticky and Cosby was lower down on the bed, biting one of her toes. The lawsuit states that at no point did Miss. Goins give Cosby permission to touch her body.

Lawsuit Details

Huth and Goins are not the only women to accuse Cosby of sexual misconduct. The lawsuit includes a list of some forty women who allege that the comedian acted in an appropriate manner towards them, with several who accuse him of drugging and sexually assaulting them. Some of the women are identified only by pseudonyms that they have given during press conferences with attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing a woman that accuses Cosby of molesting her when she was fifteen.

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Reasons to Fire Your Lawyer (and Get a New One)

When a client loses faith or trust in his attorney the client may consider firing his lawyer. However, before jumping to the immediate conclusion that it is time to end the relationship, you should consider several factors. First, you must carefully examine the reasons you are unhappy with your attorney. Keeping a lawyer with the highest level of competence in the area of practice which involves your case should be your number one priority.
Fire your lawyer if…

Lacks Legal Knowledge

Without question, attorneys should be experienced in the type of claim in which they are defending. Lawyers should know applicable state and federal legal rules and procedures. The most common regulations related to civil cases are procedural and substantive laws. Substantive law refers to the legal precedents that may affect a case. Procedural law relates to certain legal motions, orders and defense time frames. If your attorney is not demonstrating knowledge in these essential areas or is making frequent legal mistakes, it may be time to hire new one.

Does not Communicate Well

The worst possible thing you can do is surprise your attorney. It can be disastrous. If you’re already in a lousy situation, it’s only going to get worse if you don’t tell your lawyers everything.
Being communicative goes both ways. If you want to have a strong you must be be truthful with attorneys about new information or case details. In case injury on the work you can inform over medicare whistleblower hotline and consult with your lawyer.
His Interests Conflict With Yours

Conflicts of interests are complicated. But a simple version is that your lawyer can’t represent people on opposite sides of the same legal matter. There are lots more rules and plenty of exceptions, but be cautious. If you are asked to sign any kind of conflicts waiver, read it, ask questions, and understand it before you sign.


Attorneys mess up occasionally, and can commit malpractice by accident. Even after all that school, training, and experience, a lawyer can make a substantive error regarding the law or a procedural error with filing or discovery.

A lawyer can also make an administrative mistake like missing a meeting or deadline, or misplacing documents or evidence. Even if these are honest mistakes, they may be grounds for a malpractice claim and should have you thinking twice about your representation. All attorneys have certain ethical obligations, to inform you of any decision that requires your informed consent, consult with you about legal strategies, keep you informed about your case, and reply to reasonable requests for information. If your attorney fails to meet these criteria, you may want to get a second opinion.


It may be that, for whatever reason, you and your attorney just don’t get along. And while a close personal relationship isn’t a requirement for good legal representation, you should feel comfortable conversing with your lawyer. Whether your attorney can achieve your legal objectives should b the main criteria by which he or she is judged, but a cold courtside manner can have you rethinking your choice in a lawyer.

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